School of Peace

The essence of our school
what we do and why we do it.
The School of Peace is a general special primary school, a community where we come together to learn and work to better understand ourselves, others and the world and to learn to live in peace with others and with nature.

Our School is a place for meaningful, comprehensive human development and awareness of our students and staff.
We do this so that each of us through the daily education gets to know ourselves better, learns to understand the other and learn to live and work together in peace with the other and nature.

At our School we have meaningful education
We look beyond, for example, just learning to count for the sake of counting itself. The goal is to develop human qualities. Because we learn meaningfully, our children remain intrinsically motivated. Mathematics education becomes a way to develop justice, for example because we learn how to divide the apples fairly among each other. In language education we can learn to communicate inclusively and non-violently

We pay attention to respectful consultation and reflection
At our school we apply the Circular Operation. This creates space for everyone to participate. In this way we learn to consult with respect, we become aware of how and what we learn and we deal with each other in peace. It is essential to listen and learn to deal with each other’s different points of view and opinions.

We work together on common projects
Anyone who learns to work together peacefully and respectfully enjoys an enormous head start in tomorrow’s life. Everyone has a role in our school. We work together on joint school-wide projects. In this way we experience – day in day out – our school as a learning community. The projects give us a great general development and teach us more about the world and the different cultures of humanity