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  • North-America


    The ancestors of this continent’s native inhabitants probably crossed over from Siberia during the Ice Age. Some tribes settled in the north pole and others moved southwards. Nomadic and semi-sedentary tribes such as the Sioux and the Apache lived in central North America. On the east coast and in the south, tribes lived in permanent […]

  • South America

    South America

    The ancestors of the original inhabitants of this continent probably crossed over from present-day Siberia during an Ice Age. As the centuries passed, tribes from the north of America moved further south. Civilisations such as those of the Incas, Quechua and the Moche have emerged on this continent. The South American continent is home to […]

  • Oceania


    This continent owes its name to the Pacific Ocean that surrounds most of its islands. Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and thousands of other islands. Recent scientific research indicates that Australia’s original inhabitants are direct descendants of the oldest migration wave from the African continent. The Aboriginal people form and pass on their tradition in […]

  • Europe


    The name of this continent is commonly attributed to princess Europa from the Greek mythology. A lesser known explanation states that ´europe´ comes from the Semitic erubu meaning sunset or the Phoenician érub for evening. Europe as the land of evening or of the sunset. Give me a place to stand and I will move […]

  • Asia


    The largest continent on earth has been the breeding ground of various civilizations. Asia gave birth to many religious traditions and philosophies of life. Their message invites human beings to develop a more profound self-consciousness, cultivate inner peace and experience unity. One is not born human, one becomes human The spiritual traditions from Japan, China, […]

  • Africa


    Africa has a rich history and legacy that is gradually being rediscovered today. From sciences such as astronomy and mathematics to medicine, spirituality and art. The continent where human life began, as scientific research tells us, has today been limited to the mere position of an immense pool of resources for the rest of the […]